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A spectacular drone show watched by 10,000 people marks the launch of the lighting giant Ximenez Group – Umiles

31 May 2024

More than 10,000 people, according to data provided by the Local Police of Puente Genil, gathered last night to witness the show composed of 300 drones in a unique event that represents a milestone in Andalusia to celebrate the alliance between Ximenez Group and UMILES, leading companies in the event lighting sector.

The drone show illuminated the sky of this Cordoban town with dazzling figures and colors, showcasing a perfect combination of art and technology that highlighted the creativity and commitment to sustainability of both companies. This event not only marked the official launch of this strategic alliance between Ximenez Group and UMILES but also their commitment to innovation in events and celebrations, combining two leading companies in their sector to offer comprehensive and experiential solutions with lighting and drone technology.

This spectacular show of 300 drones, specifically designed to celebrate the launch of the Ximenez Group and UMILES alliance, captured everyone’s attention with its futuristic style inspired by Vaporwave. Ten impressive figures were displayed in the sky, reflecting the synergy and range of shared services between the two companies. Among the aerial creations, a virtual face symbolizing innovation, an electric butterfly evoking transformation, a raw diamond representing potential, and a giant Rubik’s cube illustrating the solidity of this union stood out. Additionally, figures like a mandala and a three-dimensional elephant added a unique touch to the show, among many others. The event was a success, accompanied by light effects and a musical selection in line with the show, marking a milestone in Andalusia.

The event was attended by the Minister of University, Research, and Innovation, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, who highlighted that Ximenez Group constitutes “an example of business growth and competitiveness through innovation”, which is an essential pillar for the productive fabric due to “its ability to generate new products and services that respond to the challenges we face as a society.” Additionally, the Minister of Innovation of the Andalusian Government emphasized the trajectory of UMILES. For Gómez Villamandos, the alliance of both companies will “combine artistic lighting creativity and the most advanced drone technology to deploy a visual spectacle that will provide a unique experience”.

From Puente Genil to the World

For his part, the mayor of Puente Genil, Sergio Velasco, congratulated Ximenez Group for making an innovative, powerful, and unique bet that will strengthen the projection of the Pontan company around the world. “The alliance of two leading companies in their respective sectors, in lighting and entertainment, becomes a great opportunity to continue generating enthusiasm, pride, and excitement among those who witness these shows wherever they go”. In this sense, he also highlighted the fact that Puente Genil was chosen as the city for the celebration of this “drone light show”. Velasco thanked Ximenez Group and UMILES for choosing the municipality for the debut of a show that generated enormous expectations “both in the locality and in the province, and in our region of central Andalusia”.

Fernando Núñez Rebolo, President of UMILES Group and Grupo Ibérica, reiterated his “gratitude to Ximenez Group for trusting our company to jointly start one of the most ambitious and revolutionary processes in the artistic lighting sector. With the magic of our drones, we will mark a new era in this market through art and light”.

“Excited by the Citizen Response”

Mariano Ximénez, CEO of Ximenez Group, assured that he felt thrilled to see so many people enjoying the show. “It is a true reward and a testament to the power of technology and art when combined. We are excited about the success of this unique drone show and the public’s response to the birth of the alliance with UMILES”, said the CEO of Ximenez Group. A strategic collaboration that “allows us to take our vision of artistic and decorative lighting to new heights, integrating advanced drone technology to create even more impressive and sustainable experiences”. This initiative, in his view, demonstrates Ximenez Group’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and the environment.

“From UMILES, we want to thank all the attendees for the enthusiasm experienced with the launch of an unprecedented alliance. The spectacular display of 300 drones in the air was not only a milestone in Andalusia but also symbolized the beginning of a strategic union that promises to revolutionize the world of events and shows”, said Raúl Cortijo, General Director of UMILES.

For Ximenez Group, light has always been an art. With UMILES, the company will take that art to new heights, illuminating both sky and earth.

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