Ximenez Group

Ximenez Group achieves the first prize in lighting at the Fallas for the sixth consecutive year

24 April 2024

With this win, the Cuba-Puerto Rico falla has now achieved 16 first prizes, thanks to lighting designed, manufactured, and installed by Ximenez.

The most sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting, Ecogreenlux, is the main protagonist of the ‘Brillant’ installation.

Ximenez Group returns once again to the Fallas festival, reaffirming its first prize win in the illuminated streets contest of the Valencian celebration, alongside the Cuba-Puerto Rico commission, with which it has been working for over half a century. The leading decorative lighting company has been responsible for the design, manufacturing, and installation of ‘Brillant,’ the name of the lighting project with which the Cuba-Puerto Rico falla has participated in this year’s contest, securing the first prize for the sixth consecutive year.

With more than 380,000 points of light, ‘Brillant’ stands out from the rest of the installations for its efficiency, sustainability, and use of new technologies, thanks to Ecogreenlux, the most environmentally friendly lighting product on the market, which is the star of the installation. Shaped like a jewel, Ecogreenlux allows for sustainable lighting, consuming 60% less energy than traditional lighting, and also offering great daytime decoration, made from recyclable materials. Thanks to Ecogreenlux, the Cuba-Puerto Rico falla boasts the most efficient and sustainable illuminated street of this year’s Fallas festival in Valencia.


On March 8th, the lighting of the ‘Falla de la Llum,’ as the Cuba-Puerto Rico commission is known, was inaugurated under the name ‘Brillant,’ which seeks to represent the “brilliant” trajectory of the falla commission. An installation composed of 40 streams made up of lights and dichroic elements, complemented by jewel-shaped pendants, adding great visual appeal and color to the ensemble. With this win, the Cuba-Puerto Rico commission and Ximenez Group have now received 16 first prizes in the Fallas festival.

More than 50 years present at the Fallas of Valencia

Since its founding over 75 years ago, Ximenez has expanded its presence throughout the national territory, participating in the main fairs and popular festivals of the country. Recognized for its presence during Christmas, the Puente Genil-based company is also responsible for the design and installation of lighting in the main Andalusian fairs, and has been present at the Valencia Fallas festival for over 50 years.

Following the conclusion of the Christmas campaign, with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide, Ximenez Group continues its schedule of installations across the map, thanks to the celebration of popular festivals and fairs, which will extend until next October and will take place in multiple locations throughout the country.