Transportation of lighting projects

Own and up-to-date
fleet of vehicles

To ensure that our lighting projects, regardless of their size, reach every corner of the world, we need to have an extensive deployment and a significant fleet of vehicles adapted for their transportation. That’s why at Ximenez Group, we have our lighting project transportation service, in support of our installation teams, who manage to transport the components and elements that will make any city shine for Christmas in record time.

One of the main principles of our transportation service is that our projects reach their final destination in perfect condition and on time. We understand that transporting these elements and large structures is a delicate and crucial task. Each piece represents creative work and meticulous effort, and our commitment is to ensure that these works of art made of light arrive intact and ready to dazzle.

What are our vehicles like?

Own fleet of vehicles

ECO vehicles

Efficiency and durability

Vehicles adapted to any space

Low emissions

Environmentally friendly

More than a hundred


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