Custom projects

Turnning ideas
into light

What sets Ximenez Group apart is its ability to design and manufacture any lighting project entirely customized and tailored to the client’s vision, all with in-house resources. There’s no idea that we can’t bring to life. At Ximenez Group, we make any decorative lighting project a reality.

Thanks to its subsidiaries, Ximenez Iluminación and Ilmex, Ximenez Group has a wealth of custom lighting projects with great success and visual impact. The results speak for themselves. The Larios Street in Malaga, the largest Christmas tree in the United States, the Christmas lights of Barcelona and Madrid, and many more projects bear the Ximenez Group hallmark.

What makes us unique: bringing ideas to life.

Custom projects

We transform ideas into reality

A Paseo de Gracia filled with stars

Reaching Qatar with our Crystal Tree

The tallest Christmas tree in the United States

A celestial choir in the heart of Malaga

Our Forest of Wishes


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