Our work

We create emotions
through light

We are the leading company in the industry and one of the main references worldwide. Our more than 75 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and installation of decorative lighting projects have established us as leaders, as well as the over 50 countries and 250 cities around the world that have managed to shine in a unique and exclusive way on the Christmas map thanks to our light.
Our work is more than a job; it’s a passion that drives us to create unique and memorable experiences. Our mission is to transform spaces into luminous canvases, where light becomes art, and creativity becomes tangible.

Every project is an opportunity to tell a story through light.

The most international lighting company

With over five hundred professionals, 90,000 square meters of facilities, and an extensive commercial network that covers the entire country and a large part of the planet, we have managed to become the Spanish company with the greatest international presence in Christmas lighting and the only one with its own resources to oversee a lighting project from start to finish. This makes us unique!

With 500 professionals and 90,000 square meters of facilities

Whe are quality, experience, and innovation

Ximenez Group is synonymous with quality, experience, and innovation. We combine our long history with our ongoing work of innovation and the search for new materials, products, and technologies that make us pioneers in the industry, more efficient, and international benchmarks. Our commitment to quality leads us to be at the forefront of technology and lighting trends.

At the forefront of Technology


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