Committed to Sustainability

From its beginnings, Ximenez Group has maintained a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental respect. That’s why it was the pioneering company in starting a comprehensive transformation process of all its incandescent lighting to LED technology, which is much more efficient and consumes less energy compared to traditional lighting. This transformation process began in 2007, achieving the 100% LED goal a decade ago, resulting in a reduction of over 90% in energy consumption in its facilities and the saving of nearly 3,000 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This milestone earned Ximenez Group recognition as one of the 101 business examples of Action for Climate at the Climate Summit held in 2019 in Madrid

ECOGREENLUX: The future of Decorative Lighting

After achieving the 100% LED goal, the company has continued to take significant steps in sustainability throughout its history. One of the most important has been the introduction of the most ecological and sustainable lighting product on the market: Ecogreenlux.

Developed and patented by Ximenez Group, Ecogreenlux reduces light pollution in the atmosphere by 93%, resulting in a 60% energy savings compared to current LED lighting. In addition, it is made from recyclable materials and can be produced with biodegradable materials. The use of soldering elements in its manufacturing has been eliminated, preventing the emission of toxic and harmful gases to health. It also eliminates the use of plastic ties, significantly reducing plastic waste generation.

The most environmentally friendly and environmentally respectful lighting product

Sustainability Efforts

Our facilities are equipped with several control systems that allow for energy consumption reduction. Additionally, Ximenez Group has a photovoltaic self-consumption plant consisting of 240 solar panels, which generates 71% of the energy needed in all its facilities. Similarly, various awareness-raising initiatives are carried out among employees to promote more responsible resource use and training focused on environmental awareness

But efforts and commitments to sustainability are not limited to the search for new products or the use of new materials for lighting projects. Numerous actions are also being developed within the company to become more self-sufficient and sustainable.

Committed to Sustainability and Innovation

Ximenez Group positions itself as a leader in sustainability and innovation, thanks to all the commitments made to achieve greater optimization of its production processes, responsible use of resources both inside and outside its facilities, and the development and manufacturing of products that are increasingly environmentally friendly.

Ximenez Group’s efforts in developing an environmentally friendly business are supported by all the certifications of its environmental management system by AENOR.


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