Illuminating the Worldfor Over 75 Years

Ximenez Group is a conglomerate of companies with over 75 years of experience in illuminating festivities around the world. Thanks to their unique and exclusive lighting projects, Ximenez Group is capable of creating exceptional atmospheres and evoking a multitude of emotions through lighting. As leaders in the industry and international references, Ximenez Group plays a significant role in lighting up hundreds of cities worldwide every Christmas, spanning all five continents and over fifty countries.

Lighting is our way of creating unforgettable experiences. Through light, we transform emotions into memories, becoming a part of the history and lives of millions of people. When a city’s lights come on for Christmas, the magic begins.


With over 75 years of experience in the world of decorative and artistic lighting, Ximenez Group is capable of providing a comprehensive service that encompasses all phases of a lighting project using its own resources. This positions it as an industry leader and one of the primary global references.

We are responsible for the Christmas lights in more than 50 countries around the world. New York, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Doha, Malaga, Milan, Mexico City, and Dubai are among the cities that have already been illuminated by Ximenez Group’s expertise.

We are international benchmarks in lighting and major projects.

When the
magic begins

Lighting is much more than mere decoration. Through light, we evoke emotions, create unique moments, and craft magical experiences. This is the power inherent in our lighting projects – their ability to draw people in, evoke memories, and elicit unique emotions.

Speaking of Ximenez Group means speaking of Christmas lights. And Christmas lights mean tourism, economic growth, and investment in the city. Many cities are increasingly turning to holiday lighting to attract a greater number of tourists to their streets. This results in increased consumption, higher spending in local businesses, and more overnight stays in hotels in the area, essentially stimulating the city’s business landscape and creating a circular economy that benefits all sectors.

Light as a generator of experiences and emotions

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