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At Ximenez Group, we have been collaborating with nationally and internationally renowned designers and architects for decades. Thanks to this partnership between creativity and lighting, we have achieved some of the most original and spectacular lighting projects for Christmas and many other celebrations worldwide. The project “The Light Maze” is an example of this, one of our most international projects resulting from the collaboration between our subsidiary Ilmex and architect Ben Busche from the Brut Deluxe studio. It has traveled to dozens of international and national cities.

We also have a long history of collaborating with internationally renowned fashion designers such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Devota y Lomba, or David Delfín, among others. Combining their wonderful ideas with our professionalism and experience in the lighting industry has resulted in a multitude of unique scenes and projects spread throughout the world.

Decades of collaboration with highly regarded designers and architects.


Decades of collaboration with prestigious architects and designers

Ximenez Group and Andrés Sardá

Sergio Sebastián's unique Christmas tree

Illuminating the center of Madrid with Ximenez and Ben Busche

A journey to the Moon with Brut Deluxe

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's Christmas tree

Bells in Sant Cugat

A colorful Christmas with Teresa Sapey

Our most international collaboration


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