Ximenez Group returns to Vigo with the start of the assembly of their Gift Box

11 January 2024

On September 12th, Ximenez Group began the assembly of one of Vigo’s famous Christmas structures, a contract awarded to the company based in Puente Genil. A team of assemblers from Ximenez moved to the Galician city to start the installation of the large Gift Box, which will once again be located at the intersection of Gran Vía and Urzaiz.

The Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, announced the start of Vigo’s Christmas lighting installation among journalists and onlookers, laying the “first stone” of the illuminated Gift Box, bearing the Ximenez Group signature. In addition to this contract, the company holds another concession for other prominent structures, such as the well-known snowman. Ximenez Group was also the sole company to participate in the tender for the general Christmas lighting for the next four years, pending approval of the technical specifications to be named the new concessionaire for Vigo’s Christmas lighting.

Ximenez Group’s relationship with Vigo dates back to 2018 when they won the contract for subsequent Christmases, which was extended until the previous year. As reported by some media outlets, “Ximenez Lighting has once again demonstrated its commitment to creating a magical Christmas experience for the residents and visitors of Vigo. With these new projects, the city will continue to shine with its characteristic Christmas splendor for the next four years.”

The Christmas installations have also begun in many other cities across Spain where Ximenez Group is responsible for the Christmas lighting. Workers and Ximenez trucks can be seen in action in Madrid, Granada, Badajoz, San Sebastián, Ceuta, Almería, Huelva, and Burgos. More cities across the nation and internationally will soon join this list.

Over 75 years of illuminating Christmas, Ximenez Group has been lighting up the holidays in hundreds of cities in Spain and dozens of cities outside our borders. It is the leading lighting company in the industry and a worldwide reference, with a presence in over fifty countries and on all five continents. In the upcoming Christmas season, Ximenez will continue to light up numerous countries, introducing new projects and destinations, thereby increasing its international presence and reinforcing its brand throughout the country.