Festive lights

Light in the form of
culture and tradition

Light is synonymous with joy and celebration, which is why decorative lighting is so important in the popular festivals of any city around the world. From carnival to the Fallas or any pilgrimage or summer festival, Ximenez Group can convey all the tradition and culture of any celebration through light.

When it comes to lights for local festivals, Ximenez Group has been experts for over 75 years. We capture the essence of each city and celebration to design exclusive elements that evoke unique emotions through lighting. Furthermore, we have been a part of the Fallas festival in Valencia for over 50 years, accumulating numerous first prizes in the Street Lighting Contest alongside the Cuba-Puerto Rico Falla.

We capture the essence of each city and transform it into light.

Festival lighting

The essence and culture of each festival brought to light

Geneva Light Festival

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Lighting of the Fallas in Valencia

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Carnival Lights

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