Fair lighting

Joy in the
Form of Light

If the South is known for something, it’s for its climate, its joy, and its vibrant colors, but also for its famous fairs. Each of them is different, with its own character and personality, and at Ximenez Group, we know how to convey this unique way of life of each city through lighting. We’ve been lighting up the fairs of Andalusia for a lifetime!

The most famous entrances of Andalusian fairs bear our mark, as well as the lighting of their venues. Thanks to our over 75 years of experience, we are responsible for illuminating and decorating the most important fairs in our country. Jerez de la Frontera, Málaga, El Puerto de Santa María, Huelva, and Córdoba are some of the cities that adorn and celebrate their famous fairs with the light of Ximenez Group.

A lifetime illuminating the fairs of our land.

Ximenez Group and the Fairs

Conveying the essence of each city through its lighting

Málaga Fair

Córdoba Fair

Jerez de la Frontera Fair

Huelva's Colombinas Festival

Almería Fair


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