Light shows

Pioneers in
designing lightshows

At Ximenez Group, we have been pioneers in achieving precise control of each point of light in our projects to create incredible light and sound spectacles: our famous lightshows. Our signature is evident in every major lighting project that offers audiences these displays of lights and sounds, providing them with a unique experience centered around light. Thanks to our commitment to innovation and the latest technologies, we manage to surprise both young and old each year, reflected in their smiles that showcase the work and creativity behind these performances.

From large Christmas trees to grand structures, giant Christmas ornaments, building facades, or spectacular figures, we make sure they all shine and illuminate in harmony with music to convey the magic of Christmas through light and sound.

Embracing innovation and the latest technologies.


The magic of combining music with light

Our Angels of light

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Malaga and its unique Christmas spectacle

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Illumination turned into a gift box

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Madrid and its giant Christmas ball

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Ximenez Group lands in Chicago

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A palace of light inspired by Versailles

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