Business lighting

Lighting as the
main attraction

Lighting is one of the primary tools that companies use to capture the attention of potential customers, creating a significant visual impact that engraves their brand in the minds of consumers. Therefore, it’s essential to use light effectively through customized lighting projects to convey our ideas, brand, and philosophy.

Over a hundred companies trust Ximenez Group to illuminate and decorate their establishments for the Christmas season or any special occasion. Hotels enhance their guests’ experience through decorative lighting, both indoors and outdoors. Shopping malls understand the importance of lighting as an attraction for customers and a sales tool, while retail stores and businesses attract attention and differentiate themselves from the competition through the lighting of their storefronts and spaces.

At Ximenez Group, we make lighting an integral part of the experience.

Businesses projects

Lighting as a marketing tool

Luxury lighting

Christmas decoration for hotels

Largest Christmas trees

The essence of a brand

Inditex illuminates itself with Ximenez Group

The famous facades of El Corte Inglés


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