Lighting installation

Specialists in decorative
lighting installation

If there is a fundamental task that gives meaning to the work of Ximenez Group, it is the installation of our lighting projects anywhere on the planet. With more than 150 specialists in the installation of large lighting projects, at Ximenez Group, we are capable of illuminating every corner of the map so that, when Christmas or any celebration arrives, they can shine like never before.

We specialize in the installation of artistic and decorative lighting in any environment or space. Our mission is to bring the festive spirit to every corner, illuminating and filling the streets of any city with joy.

Our mission is to bring the festive spirit and lighting to every corner.

Efficiency, respect and safety

Safety is our priority. Our highly trained professionals are responsible for carrying out the installation efficiently and safely, complying with all required regulations and standards.

In addition to enhancing the architectural and cultural elements of any city, we care about energy efficiency and sustainability. Our lighting solutions incorporate low-consumption technologies and intelligent systems that allow precise and optimized control of lighting projects and their shows, thereby reducing environmental impact.

We bring the magic of Christmas to different corners of the world

Specialists in lighting installation

More than 150 specialists

More than 250 cities

Sustainable installations

Energy efficiency


Safety compliance

Optimization projects


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