Large structures

The world’s largest
Christmas trees

Our most spectacular works are characterized by being large structures filled with light. These designs and projects never fail to amaze both children and adults. The sheer size of these structures makes them one of the main attractions of Christmas in any city. Walkable trees, giant Christmas ornaments, gift boxes, oversized angels, or any element that can be illuminated.

Without a doubt, two of our most famous structures are the largest Christmas tree in the United States, located in the city of Denver and known as “The Mile High Tree.” With its 32-meter height, it shines every year and showcases spectacular customized light shows. And the largest Christmas tree in Europe, also manufactured and designed by Ximenez Group, located in the Nevada Shopping center in Granada, reaching a towering height of 55 meters.

Large structures

No limits to our imagination

The Mile High Tree

Christmas in Vigo

Angels of Light in Seville

Milan and our Christmas tree

The essence of Christmas in Malaga

A large-scale shooting star

The United States shines with Ximenez Group


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