Lighting manufacturing

Where Christmas
comes to life

At Ximenez Group, we have everything we need to bring any lighting project to life. We are the only company with in-house resources to cover a project in its entirety, and our factory is where lighting becomes a work of art.

At Ximenez Group, creativity is our muse. Our team of expert creative lighting designers brings unique and original concepts to life, which we materialize and make a reality in our factory. Each project that comes out of our facilities is a unique piece, carefully crafted to awaken the senses and evoke emotions.

Every project that comes out of our factory is a unique piece.


We use recyclable and high-quality materials, as well as the most advanced technology, to create lighting products known for their beauty and spectacularity. Every detail matters, from material selection to color harmony, precision in finishing, or how they are handled. Additionally, at Ximenez Group, we have been committed to sustainability and the environment for decades, so we are creating more efficient and sustainable elements, using recyclable and biodegradable raw materials and low-consumption lighting. This commitment is aimed at leaving a better world for future generations.

Decades committed to sustainability and the environment.

What makes our Factory special?

100% LED

Efficient lighting

and innovation

Recyclable materials

Unique and
exclusive pieces


Reduction of plastic


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