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Ximenez Group decorates Brussels with an exclusive project for one of its main streets

4 July 2024

The colorful decoration will remain in the center of the European capital until September.

Ximenez Group strengthens its presence in the European city of Brussels, this time thanks to an exclusive decoration project installed on the city’s most popular leisure and dining street. As a result, a total of 109 elements made from innovative, high-resistance materials with fluorescent finishes will decorate the center of the European capital until next September.

One of the main features of this project is that these decorative elements completely reduce light pollution and energy consumption, while still maintaining the essence of attractive elements that beautify their surroundings. This is achieved by not incorporating any luminous materials in their fabrication.

To enhance the elements, they were laser-cut during production, allowing for various design possibilities and making each piece unique in both dimensions and decoration. Additionally, the manufacturing process was completed in less time and with higher quality.

Ximenez Group’s proposal thus employs cutting-edge materials that stand out for their reflective properties and durability, allowing the decoration to be visually impactful both day and night. These innovative materials reflect and harness natural light, creating dynamic and attractive visual effects that capture attention without the need for artificial lighting.

The project aims to adopt decorative solutions that reduce their ecological footprint without compromising the aesthetic quality of public spaces. This exclusive project by Ximenez Group reaffirms the company’s commitment not only to environmental sustainability but also to creativity and excellence in design. Moreover, the installation of this decoration makes Brussels a greener and more sustainable city, offering its citizens and visitors a beautified public space that respects the environment.

Over 75 Years Illuminating the World

With over 75 years of history, Ximenez Group has developed lighting projects in more than 50 countries around the world, being present on all five continents. Among its most emblematic projects are those developed in New York, Berlin, Brussels, Mexico City, London, Madrid, Dubai, and Qatar, among others. This year, Saudi Arabia and Ireland have been added to the list, increasing their presence in both the Middle East and Europe.