Ximenez Group

Ximenez Group and UMILES, a leading company in drone services, join forces to illuminate the sky worldwide

24 April 2024

This union responds to the increasing demand for safer, more sustainable, and environmentally respectful nighttime shows, catering to both people and noise-sensitive animals.

Ximenez Group, a leading company in the field of artistic and decorative lighting, and UMILES, the largest drone services provider in Spain operating in Europe and Latin America, unite in an unprecedented alliance in the entertainment and technology innovation world. Together, they leverage their strengths to create drone light shows that will not only illuminate the skies but also offer unparalleled experiences in Spain and internationally. This agreement symbolizes a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, opening a new chapter in the history of events and celebrations.

It’s a strategic collaboration designed to revolutionize the global aerial experience of emotions. It’s a fusion of cutting-edge creativity in artistic lighting and avant-garde drone shows, promising to stretch the audience’s imagination beyond known limits with unique shows utilizing state-of-the-art drone technology.

Among the benefits of the alliance are market expansion, environmental responsibility and sustainability, various commercial opportunities, improved customer experience, strengthening of both brands, and the potential for global expansion.

‘Sustainable’ Shows

Nighttime drone shows are safe, generate no waste, and are respectful to both noise-sensitive individuals and animals, as well as the environment. Hence, their demand continues to rise as a cleaner, more sustainable, and safer alternative.

According to Ximenez Group’s CEO, Mariano Ximénez, this alliance represents “a milestone in the entertainment industry, where creativity and technology converge to offer immersive and captivating experiences to audiences worldwide.” Ximénez argues that the partnership with UMILES “will allow us to combine our passion for artistic lighting with the best drone technology available today to offer something truly unique,” where striking light choreographies and dazzling aerial displays will transport audiences of all ages and cultures to a universe of wonder and emotion, transcending the conventional and merging art with innovation.

For the CEO of the pontana company, this collaboration represents “a step forward in our goal of inspiring and captivating through light, transforming the nighttime sky into a living canvas of creativity. We are ready to, together, illuminate new heights”.

A Milestone in the Entertainment Industry

UMILES’s General Manager, Raúl Cortijo, states he is “excited” to announce the alliance with Ximenez Group, “a collaboration that marks a milestone in our history and in the national and international entertainment industry.” For Cortijo, this partnership allows combining drone innovation and creativity with the experience and mastery in lighting of this leading artistic lighting company. “Together, we are ready to offer unforgettable experiences to the public that go beyond the traditional,” he points out.

Similarly, Ximenez Group’s Corporate Operations Director, Francisco Jaén, expresses satisfaction with an alliance that “will allow us to symbiotically combine our artistic creations in decorative lighting with the latest drone technology, creating immersive experiences that will be unforgettable for the audiences worldwide”.

UMILES’s Commercial Director, Ernesto Albacete, is convinced that this union is “a strategic step towards a new era in the world of shows, in which we are opening up a world of commercial and creative possibilities.” In his opinion, “it’s an exciting moment, and we are proud to lead this revolution in visual entertainment”.

UMILES offers drone light shows worldwide with a simultaneous staging of up to 300 drones, although its fleet extends to 1,700 drones. These shows are equipped with RGB LED systems that create dynamic light effects and a variety of over 16 million shades. It offers 100% customized choreographies, a view from 1 kilometer away, three-dimensional figures, and over 10 minutes of duration.

With this alliance, Ximenez Group and UMILES are writing a new chapter in the history of entertainment, offering the world shows that will dazzle, excite, and leave an indelible impression on the minds of all who witness them.